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Permanent Waves

Released: 1980
Genres: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Prog Rock

Artist(s): Rush

Ray Staff (Lacquer Cut By)


A1Spirit Of Radio4:54


A3Jacob's Ladder7:50

B1Entre Nous4:37

B2Different Strings3:50

Natural Science9:27

Format of Main Release

1×Vinyl LP, Album


Newspaper on front album cover originally was a copy of the infamous "Dewey defeats Truman" issue of the Chicago Tribune. After the Chicago Tribune objected to the inclusion, the cover was changed to read "Dewei defeats Truman".
The billboards in the distance were originally Coca-Cola adverts, but were changed to the names of the band members due to the objections of Coca-Cola.
The waving man on the front cover is Hugh Syme, who was the cover designer, and also played piano on 'Different Strings'.

Released with lyrics and band photos on inner sleeve.

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    Progressive rock trio, formed in 1968 (Toronto, Canada). Rush retired from touring after the R40 tour when Neil Peart announced he would retire due to health reasons.

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